The Ministry for Romanians Abroad and Azerbaijan's State Committee on Work with Diaspora sign Cooperation Memorandum

The Ministry for Romanians Abroad (MRP) and the State Committee on Work with Diaspora of the Republic of Azerbaijan became partner institutions by signing on Monday, at the MRP headquarters, a Memorandum of Cooperation.

According to a release of the MRP, the Azerbaijani delegation led by chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora Fuad Muradov was welcomed by Minister Natalia-Elena Intotero and State Secretary Veaceslav Saramet, with the signing of the document being preceded by discussions on strengthening the bilateral relationship and the exchange of best practices regarding the Diaspora.

The Romanian Minister presented the MRP activity and objectives, as well as the ministry's ongoing projects.

The Azerbaijani officials showed a particular interest in the scholarship programmes offered by Romania's Government to young Romanians who are living abroad, education programmes and projects carried out by the MRP, the ARC camps programmes and the Start-Up Diaspora Programme, the quoted source mentions.

"Through this memorandum, we will facilitate the exchange of experience and good practices for the programmes destined to persons belonging to the Romanian communities living outside Romania's borders and persons belonging to the Azerbaijani communities living outside the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani community living abroad exceeds the number of the population inside the borders, it is much larger than the number of Romanians abroad, but we have many shared objectives in the relation with our two Diaspora. During the discussions with the Azerbaijani partners I have especially underscored the importance that the MRP grants to the education, training projects, as well as those consolidating the Romanian language, but also pointed out the Gov't's efforts to convince Romanians abroad to return home," Natalia-Elena Intotero stated.

In his turn, Fuad Muradov stated that the Diaspora represents "a paramount element, because it can be a source of innovation for its native society, it can come up with a new understanding of realities and with a new mentality."

"Through this memorandum we not only want to set the foundations of an exchange of experience, but to increase the cooperation between our two diaspora," chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora Fuad Muradov stated.

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