Ministerial Meeting of AGRI project participating states

A meeting of the Ministers in charge of the energy sector of the participating states of the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Hungary liquefied natural gas project – AGRI, was held in Bucharest, Romania on June 24, 2015 with participation of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Natig Aliyev. The positions of the participating countries regarding the implementation of the project, the final outcomes of the feasibility study and opportunities for financing the project were discussed during the meeting, which was joined by senior officials of the AGRI participating states.

Romania’s Minister of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Environment Andrei Dominic Gerea, who announced the opening of the ministerial meeting, stated that realization of the project represents particular importance in the backdrop of the latest geo-political developments ongoing in the region.

Energy Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Natig Aliyev, for his part, spoke of the economic and social significance of the AGRI project and provided comprehensive information about the role Azerbaijan plays in European energy security, its contribution to the diversification of energy supply routes and the ongoing energy projects.

The Minister also touched upon SOCAR’s successful activity in Romania, saying the investments made by the company in the Romanian economy are fully supported by the Azerbaijani government.

Georgian Deputy Minister of Energy Mariam Valishvili briefed the participants on the importance of the implementation of the mentioned project.

Afterwards, Great Britain’s PENSPEN company made a brief presentation for the meeting attendees regarding the feasibility study of the AGRI project.

As part of the meeting, which continued within various working sessions, broad discussions took place on issues regarding the future of the project, its implementation and potential role in the energy security of the region.

Joe Murphy, BP Vice President on  Southern Corridor  in his remarks at the meeting, said that the AGRI project should be considered as an additional component to the Southern Gas Corridor, and it is necessary to draft relevant legal, technical and economic documents between the participating states to ensure effective implementation of this project.

In conclusion of the meeting, Joint Declaration on the AGRI project was adopted. The signatories of the Declaration expressed their support for future development of the AGRI project as part of the Southern Gas Corridor, which makes a significant contribution to Europe’s energy security.

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