Stand representing the Republic of Azerbaijan at the Embassies Festival

The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Romania took part at the Embassies Festival organized by the “ESCU” Association and the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Romania, which was held on 1-5 September 2015 in various locations of Bucharest city. During the festival stand representing the Republic of Azerbaijan was created, where the visitors could obtain more information about history, culture, art, literature and tourism potential of the country.

The Embassies Festival is a gateway to other cultures and event dedicated to experience the authentic music, dance, food, film, and art of plentiful distinctive nations, along with a rare behind-the-scenes look into the embassies’ life. Conceived as a series of practical lessons about various cultural landscapes, the program has a very profound educational component, focusing on the following artistic areas: visual arts (painting, graphics, sculpture, installations, photography and film), music, dance, fashion and product design, urban culture, theatre, artisanal, specific and traditional food & drink.

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