Pe 27 februarie Președintele Republicii Azerbaidjan Ilham Aliyev a primit delegația condusă de președintele Camerei Deputaților a Parlamentului României, Ion-Marcel Ciolacu.

Hailing the regular nature of contacts between the two countries, the head of state described the reciprocal visits of the two countries` presidents as an important step taken in this direction. President Ilham Aliyev also described the visit of the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Romania to Azerbaijan with a large delegation as a sign of the high level of relations between the two countries.

Underlining that the bilateral agenda has expanded, President Ilham Aliyev said that the essence of bilateral relations had changed in a qualitatively positive direction. As a good example of this, the head of state noted the deepening of energy cooperation, including the delivery of Azerbaijani gas to the Romanian market, and expressed hope that after the implementation of the green energy project more work will be done in this area.

The President of Azerbaijan pointed out that there was good potential for developing ties between the two countries in other areas as well, and expressed confidence that Ion-Marcel Ciolacu`s visit to Azerbaijan would contribute to the strengthening of interparliamentary cooperation.

Noting that the delegation led by him included government representatives along with his colleagues, the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Romania said that during his meetings in Azerbaijan the expansion of relations, including the strengthening of cooperation within international organizations will be discussed.

Ion-Marcel Ciolacu stressed the special importance of the reciprocal visits of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Romania in terms of developing the bilateral ties, and expressed his confidence that the strategic partnership would continue to expand.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies praised Azerbaijan`s important role in ensuring stability in the South Caucasus, adding that the country is a strategic partner of the European Union.

They stressed the significance of the quadrilateral Memorandum of Understanding signed between Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary and Romania, and a project to lay a submarine electric cable under the Black Sea based on Azerbaijan's renewable energy potential within this framework.

Romania`s support for the development of Azerbaijan`s cooperation with the European Union and NATO was also lauded.



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